The Breakthrough in Real Estate Investing You’ve Been Waiting For

Find Highly-Discounted Houses in Your Area

Before Your Competition

DealFinder 360 is your own private motivated seller search engine and the
ultimate shortcut for scoring off-market property deals.

Unlock the Pre-MLS

Snag deals not available to the general
public (and your competition).

Laser-Targeted Search

Identify thousands of profitable
leads with a few clicks.

“Front-of-Line” Deal Access

Profit quickly and substantially with
this little-known resource.

Your Deal-Finding GPS

Zero In on Low-Hanging Fruit

Download thousands of real estate leads daily, updated in real-time.

  • Absentee Owner
  • Pre-Foreclosure
  • Free & Clear
  • High-Equity
  • Vacant Properties
  • & More!

Pinpoint the Best Deals

Search specific real estate leads, refine based on important data, and
save leads for marketing campaigns.

  • Search and filter based on custom date ranges
  • Filter real estate leads based on owner, property, geography, loan
    and tax information
  • Preview public data on each lead, including transaction history

Your Own Virtual Assistant

Once you find the perfect leads, create lists for follow up.

  • Download up to 5,000 real estate leads at a time
  • Save leads to contacts or properties for easy access and follow up
  • Cherry pick real estate leads to include in marketing campaigns

Profiting in Real Estate Has Never Been Easier

  • You don’t need to have good credit or cash
  • You don’t need a lot of time
  • You don’t need a license or experience
  • You don’t need to be “tech savvy”
  • You don’t need to hire a team
  • You don’t need to worry about lead quality

Get Instant Access to High-Quality Leads


Setup & 6 months of data. Then $97/mo.

$1,497 $797


Does this only work for experienced real estate investors?                

Does This Work For All Exit Strategies?

Is DealFinder 360 a client or a web-based system or do I
need to download it?

Do You Offer Support If I Get “Stuck” In The Software?

What is the source of these leads?

How frequently is this data updated?

Notice: Mr. Marko Rubel is an expert in real estate investing so his results are not typical. More importantly, if you’re looking for a “magic pill” or an “easy button” that’ll make you money while all the work is “done for you”, then this is not for you. Our team is here to support you but you have to do your part. Every business takes dedication, work, taking risk, etc. at least that is our experience. Therefore, any statements of income or earnings shown are either examples or estimates of potential income and should not be interpreted as typical, expected, or normal for an average student. Since it is impossible for us to track all of our students’ results, we cannot provide a typical result. You should assume that the average person makes little to no money or could lose money as there is work and risk associated with investing in real estate.

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